Jun. 24th, 2014

aerielpembroke: (buff german irrylath)
(I am doing far too many exchanges this summer, so this is the first of several letters. I apologize to my flist for this sudden shocking burst of activity)

Hello! And thank you for considering writing one of my fandoms. I promise I'm quite easy to please, and I'm very excited about all of these canons even if I've written slightly more about some of them than others. Obviously any ideas I suggest are just ideas, not demands, so don't worry!

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Note that if you wish to stalk for further reading about these fandoms I have previously requested (and received lovely fic for) Leviathan over on Livejournal, and the same goes for Chrestomanci, but I don't believe I've done so for Oz or Blossom Culp.

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