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It's the sort of time now where lots of things I'm looking forward to are alllmost there but not yet happened, like the new chapter of Kuroshitsuji is allmost out and the school semester is allmost over (though I'm also dreading that), and Not Ready For Primetime is allmost open for signups (almost done with my letter in fact).

But of course, some things are already out, so I might as well talk about them.

Game of Thrones! Finally, something happened! I think last week's episode was one of the better ones there's been in a while, though maybe last season ended with a bang and I'm just forgetting, since I never rewatch episodes of this show. I am still not sold on their Oberyn, but Indira Varma is always great. Sophie Turner continues to be an excellent Sansa and I continue to feel like the only person who is just as annoyed by Shae in the show as the books. Ah, well.

Mad Men had its season premiere, though my dad informs me that they're only showing half the season now and half next year. RUDE. California Pete was more than I had hoped for, and completely delightful. Really surprised Megan's still around, but not necessarily annoyed, because that means she can continue to drop references to period TV and wear ridiculously 60s clothes. As usual, needs more Trudy.

In older things, I'm still watching Kyou Kara Maou, albeit very slowly since I've hit the late point of season three and the plot twists have been so telegraphed that it's hard to even feign surprise. Not that the plot was ever that good to begin with but there used to be more character stuff. I've started reading the light novels and they're kind of delightful. I'll be sorry when I hit the point where there's no more English translations.

I finished Naamah's Kiss, but haven't started Naamah's Curse yet, because literally the last six things I read previous were the other Kushiel books and I think I need a breather. I am okay with Moirin and Bao being a thing, but also quite okay that it seems like the next book won't be in China, because I am done with that storyline. It's given me the urge to re-read Imriel's trilogy more than necessarily to read more which is maybe not such a good sign. I don't know, I still don't dislike Moirin, but she seems far less distinctive personality wise than Imri or Phèdre so far.

I've started re-reading some manga from back in the day online, which has kind of made me wish I had an iPad because it would be easier to read large amounts of manga if I could see each page without scrolling. I discovered that one of my friends ships Yusuke/Kurama which cracked me up because another friend (who knows this friend but as far as I know is not in touch with her currently) used to go on vehement rants about how awful Yusuke/Kurama was and back in the day I just ate it up. Now I went, eh, I can see it, and moved on.

My 3DS is still downloading Dual Destinies. Good grief.


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