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So, I've been making my way through the last of Jacqueline Carey's three trilogies, having recently finished Naamah's Curse on the train, which was okay but mostly unremarkable, and now deep into Naamah's Blessing, which has taken a sharp left turn into absolutely batshit insane.

Hysterically ridiculous spoilers follow
RAPHAEL HAS MADE HIMSELF A KING IN FANTASY SOUTH AMERICA BY USING THE POWER OF EVIL FLESH EATING ANTS. WHAT. WHAT. I have to admit, back when him and the other members of the Hey Let's Summon Dangerous Spirit/God/Things And Try To Get Them To Do Our Bidding Circle gained the power to understand the language of ants in book one, I most definitely did not anticipate that one of them would end up using it as a goddamn superpower. What.

The best part is, mere pages after he straight up knifes one of his best friends in the stomach and then threatens to command his ants to eat Bao's eyeballs, Raphael says to Moirin, "What do you take me for, a monster?" At that point I just put the book down and howled with laughter. YOU ARE COMMANDING A STRAIGHT UP RIVER OF FLESH EATING ANTS. I know good villains aren't supposed to think they're evil but at the point where you are controlling people via their fear of flesh eating ants, most people would start to consider that perhaps they were teetering suspiciously near the edge. But not Raphael, oh no.

I am pretty sure I have lost the ability to take anything that happens in the book seriously from this point onward.

Date: 2014-05-20 01:10 am (UTC)
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...okay, the Naamah trilogy has just been bumped up my to-read list. The existence of a villain still stuck in denial despite his army of MURRRRDER ANTS will make up for any lacklustre parts.


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