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Hello, and thank you for even considering one of my rare ships! My AO3 name is Aeriel and I am ridiculously delighted by the prospect of getting something for one of these ships, whose popularity ranges from 'a fond minority' to 'lol nobody cares'. I tried to make my requests the same size but unfortunately I did not entirely succeed. Please don't think that means I'm less interested in the ones that I said less about! Some of these pairings I got into quite recently and some of them I've been thinking about for so long that I sort of forgot how to explain what I liked about them and thus they ended up shorter.

As a general rule, I am okay with everything from G rated hand holding to explicit shenanigans, though I would rather no underage sex stuff, and no non-con, though with the Death Note ships I totally understand if you want to edge into dub-con. If you are leaning towards writing porn, I would like at least a little bit of story with it. If you are leaning towards not writing porn, no problem!

Chronicles of Chrestomanci- Diana Wynne Jones

I love Cat and Marianne individually and together so very much, and it makes me so very sad that they are rarely paired together. I feel like Marianne gets Cat in a way that so few people do, and Cat understands Marianne instinctively in much the same way. I do feel that it would take them some time to realize they were interested in each other, particularly Cat, who might spend a lot of time being irrationally resentful of other things and people for taking up Marianne's time while Marianne's stories suddenly began featuring suspiciously Cat-like personages. Once they got it together, though, I think they'd be surprisingly functional and encourage the best parts of each other, though. I'd love to see them tentatively starting a relationship, whether prompted by a recent hair-raising adventure or a tiny but significant event. Alternatively, I'd be delighted to see the effects Cat's becoming Chrestomanci had on the two of them, assuming they got together before that happened.

Christopher/Conrad, Christopher/Millie/Conrad
Much as I like Christopher and Millie together, I am oddly content with the stories that exist for them as is. Throw Conrad into the mix, however, and I'm all ears (eyes? whatever). I love that Conrad gets along with Christopher while still being privately snarky about his more ridiculous traits, and I think that both he and Millie possess the ability to appreciate Christopher without being overwhelmed by him. I'd love to see the pair of them (or the three of them, should you select the threesome) set out on a new adventure of some sort, or be put in some situation made more complicated by raging hormones.

Death Note  Misa/L, Misa/L/Light
(full disclosure: I have watched the anime and that is it. I don't object to details and references from the other stuff though!)

While I'm sure there's an argument to be made, somewhere, that L doesn't actually like idols, L being a fan of MisaMisa is hilarious and ironic and I would love to see a fic that ran with that. Is Misa equal parts flattered and creeped out by L's interest, or is she mostly creeped out? Or does she get it into her head that if she pretends to like him, she can make things better for Light and/or herself? And if they were to have a thing, would L have already guessed that it might be a pretense on her part, and would he play along or immediately make it clear that he wasn't going to go easy on Light and Misa no matter what she did?

Which leads into Misa/L/Light which I feel is barely a step away from canon. I mean, Light and Misa dating while L was handcuffed to Light? Something awkward definitely happened there. Would Light or Misa (okay more likely to be Misa) devise a plan in which they seduce L to try and distract him from the case? Maybe purposefully putting him in the role of voyeur? Or maybe Misa tries to compromise L on her own, but comes to the conclusion that she has to add Light to the mix in order to really pique his interest? Or some other complicated, messy, sneaky thing.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Okay, so I understand that the reason no one is writing Chrom/Maribelle is because everyone is already shipping Maribelle/Lissa. And it's true, Maribelle is super devoted to Lissa. But she's also pretty damn dedicated to Chrom! I love the way she suddenly gets flustered when she realizes it's just them in their C support. I imagine that the three of them used to play together as kids/young teenagers and then they hit a certain age and Maribelle and Chrom both secretly thought OH NO HE/SHE'S HOT NOW. And I think in some ways they're pretty similar- they both have that impulsive streak, for one. Anyway, prompts! I'd love to see them working through a problem together, whether it be some conflict between the two of them (you allowed Lissa to do what?! that is a terrible color for Lucina's crib!) or an external issue. How did their relationship grow and change after they got married and had to start governing Ylisse together? After Lucina and Brady came from the future? As the war continued?

Oh, Gerome and Lucina, you two are both so serious and driven and sad. I love their quiet mutual respect, and I get the sense that they've always been able to be honest with each other. I love that he gave her that mask, and I love that she never even mentions his. And omg, their A support- "You needn't look far-- I will stand beside you, as always." It would be great to see them in a post-Grima world, with a great deal of their burdens lifted and a whole new future ahead of them. Or during the game, sharing a quiet moment after battle, or pre-battle jitters (desperate we-could-die-tonight sex is optional but awesome).

Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler, Ciel/Elizabeth, Sebastian/Ciel/Elizabeth

I adore Ciel and Elizabeth's relationship and think it has so much potential to be explored. Usually I am really against one character keeping secrets from a character I ship them with, but I think it's quite interesting that despite it being shown that Ciel is completely capable of putting on a false cheery facade, he opts to be more or less himself around Lizzie, even when it doesn't please her. And of course, Lizzie herself actually is putting on a facade, privately wondering what the hell happened to him after his parents died and spending years concealing her aptitude with the sword because she was terrified he would be upset if he found out how strong she was. And then when he does find out, he blushes, which made me clap like a seal. I would love to see a little truth come out between the two of them-- it doesn't even have to be a major revelation, just a moment of honesty and genuine feeling.

And then there's Sebastian, who clearly finds Ciel interesting beyond his capacity to serve as a tasty entree, and has looked out for Lizzie's interests several times, in his own weird way (he pushed Ciel to dance with her, and apologized for putting her in the position of having to defend herself on the Campania). I do think if the three of them were to become a thing, it would almost certainly be Ciel's idea, and once he and Lizzie were rather older, since Sebastian seems to mainly view sex as a means to an end, and it most likely would never occur to Lizzie as a possibility. If you choose to write porn, please age up Ciel and Lizzie. If it is not porn, I am fascinated by the complicated relationships between the three of them and how they could develop.



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