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Hello, and thank you so much for considering writing something for one of my fandoms! (I am absolutely terrible at coming up with non-writing prompts so after much deliberation, I'm only asking for fic this year) I've tried to ramble at equal length about everything I requested but even if I didn't quite succeed, I really am pleased with fic for any of these! And if none of the prompts I've written speak to you or you already have a great idea for one of the fandoms/characters we matched on, please go ahead and do your own thing!

That said, for what I'm asking for, generally, please no gross-out humor, cruelty to animals, darkfic, rape/backstories of being molested as a child, character bashing, or issuefic.

Azumanga Daioh, Kasuga "Osaka" Ayumu
I love basically everyone in this series (except Kimura, none for you Kimura) but spacey quietly content Osaka holds a special place in my heart. (It should be noted I seriously considered requesting Tomo, Nyamo or Chiyo's Father so while you have no obligation to include them I would be extra happy to see them as well) I want to know more about her- what was her life like before she moved? What does she want to do when she grows up? Does she find a place for herself as an adult where she can be her weird self? Does she ever actually meet/see Chiyo's parents, or will she always see that weird cat thing when she thinks of Chiyo's dad?

Serious or humorous tone is fine, though I'd prefer no unrelenting angst-- I get sad enough when the girls graduate at the end!

It should be noted that I would prefer gen for this series, though Kaorin's canonically unrequited crush on Sakaki is fine to include. And if you're writing futurefic, I certainly don't mind if you mention OC gals or guys who are involved with the canon characters.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
, Saleh, L'Arachel, Innes
Not much is written about Saleh, and I think that's really too bad. Admittedly he doesn't have supports with a lot of characters, but the supports he does have are lovely. I always adore nutty healers in Fire Emblem, so naturally I love L'Arachel, and for all his harsher edges and paternalistic behavior, Innes is heartfelt and interesting. I'm not exactly sure what a story about the three of them would look like, but I'd love to find out! And it doesn't have to feature all three in equal measure-- you could pick one of the three to focus on and have the other two as supporting players. Innes and L'Arachel's ridiculous one-upmanship in their supports is pretty great, but you don't have to ship them at all- I think they'd be great friends/friendly enemies. And you could ship Saleh and Eirika, and perhaps through his relationship with her Saleh comes to know Innes and L'Arachel, or you could ship Saleh with Innes or Saleh with L'Arachel. Or Saleh, Innes and L'Arachel could find themselves the key players in a battle and suddenly having to communicate despite little to no interaction previously.

If you want to bring in other characters from the game, that's more than fine- Sacred Stones is my favorite Fire Emblem game and I love basically everyone in it (even Valter, in a way. You so terrible, Valter). That said please no romantic Saleh/Ewan or Saleh/Myrrh or Innes/Tana or Dolza/L'Arachel.

Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Ravio
I managed to remain almost unspoiled before I played A Link Between Worlds, and as a result I was totally surprised and delighted when Ravio turned out to be who he turned out to be! It raised so many questions for me, as well as answering a few (where did he get all these items and why does he comment on heroes when Link 'dies')

I am so curious about Ravio's past and his role in Lorule before he fled. Was he sent on any quests by Princess Hilda? Did he manage any heroic deeds, or did he try and fail? Did he know about Hilda's plan from the beginning and initially flee because he didn't want to get involved, or did he figure it out sometime while Link was adventuring?

If you are feeling shippy, I'm very much down for some Ravio/Hilda- maybe he had a one-sided thing for her and he left because he couldn't stand the person she was turning into? Maybe they had a fully fledged thing and the Yuga plan was part of an intensely acrimonious breakup? Link/Ravio could also be interesting- does Ravio envy Link's tenacity, or does he feel more himself helping Link? Heck, if you could make Ravio/Hilda and Ravio/Link work, that would be great (I am also down for Link/Zelda but obviously that wouldn't be a focus)

Ouran High School Host Club, Fujioka Haruhi
(Note: I am only familiar with the anime.)

I think Haruhi is freaking fantastic-- I love her absolute deadpan, and how she finds the Host Club's antics exasperating but also sees the heart in all of them and still likes spending time with them and considers them her friends even if-- heck, maybe even because-- she thinks they're ridiculous.

My immediate thought on requesting this is more goofy hijinks but I have some prompts too because that may not be helpful to you. Maybe something happens to Haruhi's home- bugs have to be exterminated or needs to be repainted, doesn't have to be dramatic- and she and her father end up staying for a short while at one of the Host Club members' houses? Maybe next winter break Tamaki decides they're vacationing in, idk, Honolulu? Vancouver? Barcelona? Berlin? Maybe Haruhi is suddenly put in charge of a small group of extremely bratty children?
Canon divergent AUs! What if Haruhi went to Lobelia instead? What if Haruhi first encountered the Host Club in an entirely different way-- say, at a fair, or a friend dragged her to them?

I would also be delighted to receive a thoughtful character driven piece, by the way.

If you want to get shippy, I'm down for most any pairing you care to throw at me, though I wasn't really sold on Tamaki/Haruhi by the end of the series, since it seemed like he still had a fantasy ideal of her that had nothing to do with her actual merits as a person. If you want to show that gap slowly being bridged, however, I think that would be quite interesting.


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