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Hi there, writer and/or potential writer, and thank you so much for considering writing a trick or treat for me! I love these fandoms and these characters and if we matched on them I assume you do too, so that's great! I don't have a ton to say, because I don't want to overwhelm you or anything, and it's totally okay if none of my suggestions work for you and you want to write something else for the character(s). Also I apologize for not making all the prompts equal size/having a consistent structure because I sort of wrote this over a period of several days and I felt more rambly on some of them than others. I am genuinely excited by the prospect of getting fic for any of these!

I don't think I have many particular squicks that are likely to come up in the context of these fandoms-- no body horror, please, no non-canonical major character death, no zombies (vampires, werewolves, demons or ghosts are fine, and mummies are extra fine!)

Special note- I am terrible at writing prompts for art but I really do love it, so on the off chance that any artists are feeling particularly generous and interested in drawing any of these characters, I would LOVE to receive it. I checked fanfiction only on my requests mostly because I would feel bad if an artist was assigned me and looked at my prompts and thought 'ugh these are all slanted towards fic'.

Chronicles of Narnia- C.S. Lewis- Rilian, Lady of the Green Kirtle
God, The Silver Chair left a hell of an impression on me as a kid. Re-reading it now, I'm really amused to see that Lewis out and out compares Rilian to Hamlet (one of my favorite horrible protagonists) when he's first introduced in person, and then has him talking like a Shakespearean character to boot. 'I cry you mercy' indeed. And he's out to avenge a dead parent! Not that you have to run with the comparison, but I wouldn't say no to more along those lines.

If you've offered both these characters, I am really fascinated by the twisted relationship between the Lady and Rilian. Why is it that she can't keep him enchanted for that additional hour each night? Or is she completely capable of that and actually chose to make him fully aware of being held prisoner for that hour just to enjoy his rage and misery? Does she usually not engage with him for that hour in case he gets free (as indeed he apparently did once?) or is she confident enough to stay and watch him suffer? We know she's promised to give him a kingdom and be his queen... what does that mean their relationship is now? Does brainwashed Rilian think they're in love? He also compares her to a mother at one point, which is extra creepy considering she killed his real mother-- does she encourage that comparison or deliberately imitate aspects of his mother, or is it just an unfortunate turn of phrase?

If you've only offered the Lady of the Green Kirtle, I'm curious as to if she really has a relation to Jadis as is suggested-- they do both set out to rule Narnia (with different tactics) but Jadis' interactions with Edmund read very differently to me than what the Lady does to Rilian. Did she even really want Narnia or did she just dislike Aslan or have some particular grievance against Caspian? And why is it that the Lady has significantly more power to influence than Jadis and why does she pay such consistent attention to the captive Rilian while Jadis more or less ignores Edmund the moment she's gotten information out of him?

(Also I haven't read the other Narnia books so recently that I'm positive I haven't said something stupid or asked a question answered by the text, so if I did either of those things I apologize)

Free!- Matsuoka Gou, Hazuki Nagisa
I always liked these two characters, but I've grown extra fond of them over the new season. Gou is so passionate and compassionate and I love how quickly she goes from being embarrassed by her sexuality to YES I WILL JUDGE THIS MUSCLE CONTEST. Nagisa is so darn persistent and determined and enthusiastic about everything all the time that it's kind of exhausting but in the best way. I also really adore their friendship and upon rewatching I'm surprised by how often they do end up talking to each other. I realized I kind of shipped it in the episode where Gou judges all their lunches (NAGISA, ZERO PERCENT) and ends up giving them protein powder that nobody but Nagisa will eat, so I'm also totally on board with you writing them as a couple if you want to. So far all I've mentioned are treat ideas, but if you want to do a trick, I can totally see Nagisa trying to scare Gou on Halloween (but since she's not Makoto, not sure how well it would succeed) or one or both of them having some sort of weird supernatural encounter.

Macbeth- Shakespeare- Three Witches, Lady Macbeth
Okay, so this play is ripe for horror, though I prefer the psychological sort to the out and out gory sort most of the time (I'm sorry, I know people loved it but I tried to watch that Patrick Stewart film version and I was laughing too hard to be scared- maybe it was subtler on stage but really just plucking out human hearts?) and firmly believe the monster you don't see is scarier than the one that jumps out at you. I also like surrealism, confusion between reality and dreams/fantasies/hallucinations and any meditations on fate versus free will that you'd care to throw in. I'm sorry for not giving you treat options here but, I mean, it's Macbeth. There's not a lot of sweet to the characters I requested.

For the Witches- do they see the future and merely report it, or do they deliberately try to alter events to come out the way they want? Or do they just say whatever for the hell of it out of curiosity for what might happen? What if they appeared to Macduff, or Malcom? What if they already did?

For Lady Macbeth- what happened for her in between the murder and the sleepwalking? Does she ever see any ghosts herself? She's very focused on gender and gender roles at the start, why is that?

Ouran High School Host Club- Fujioka Haruhi, Hitachiin Hikaru, Hitachiin Kaoru
I love the existing Halloween episode and would love anything set on a future Halloween or a past one. You could go a little serious and have something with the ghost of Haruhi's mother (does not necessarily have to be on Halloween) or go silly with whichever combination of characters (or just Haruhi or just Hikaru or just Kaoru) you favor. Friendship fic with these three (or whichever two, or if you want to work in Kyoya or Tamaki or Mori or Honey-senpai) would also be great. Or something dealing with Host Club duties, or some Ouran tradition that is unfamiliar to Haruhi, or more with Hikaru and Kaoru's home life, or a focus on Kaoru or Hikaru in a future where they're less joined at the hip. If you want to go the shippy route, I lean towards Hikaru/Haruhi or Kyoya/Haruhi or Some Ouran Girl/Haruhi.

Yu Yu Hakusho- Kurama, Botan
I know it's cliche and I don't care: I love Kurama. I think he was the first character I loved of dubious moral character, and I would really like something in that vein. Sure, Kurama's done some good deeds and has ended up on the side of good in the long run (or for as long as he has good influences around), but ultimately he's out for himself, and what works for him. I do think his relationship with his human 'mother' is interesting, and anything about their interactions would be great (you can make it a nice moment or a moment that only seems nice on the surface), but I'm also interested in something when he was Youko Kurama, or something with his interactions with other demons in the human world, or whatever. I'd prefer gen for this request.

I'd love something about Botan's life outside of the spirit detectives. What happened before she met Yusuke? How does she get along with her coworkers? Are there any other spirits who made an impression on her? Alternatively, I like Botan's friendship with the human girls a lot and would be delighted to read something with Keiko and/or Shizuru. Or Yukina, who isn't human at all but is definitely interesting. Or if you don't want to write any of those characters, Botan and Koenma would be great. Or Botan and Kuwabara and/or Kurama and/or Hiei. Or Botan and Yusuke, of course, though there's a lot of that in canon. If you want to go shippy, I'm down for femmeslash with Shizuru or Yukina, and I could see Botan and Koenma being a couple providing he was not in baby form at the time.
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