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Welcome, Yuletide writer and anyone else wandering by! My AO3 name is Aeriel, and I love all these canons, so no matter which we have in common, I'm excited. Generally speaking I'm open to stories of all ratings, gen, f/f, m/m or f/m. I have mostly been using my LJ and DW for letter writing for various exchanges which may or may not be of use to you if you're in a stalking mood (see the exchange letter and yuletide tags).

Some very general likes-- friendship, loving families, characters who talk to each other about their problems, politics and intrigue, worldbuilding, characters who are passionate about something, adventure, characters making the best of a bad situation, characters determined to survive, characters making tough decisions.

Overall squicks that may or may not come up in the context of these fandoms-- body horror, zombies, incest for these fandoms, explicit child abuse/molestation backstories for characters who don't have them (for now I'm going with 'fourteen or under' for definition of child) and sensationalized death of female characters. Other DNWs are pining, terminal diseases, pushing partners away "for their own good" and cannibalism.

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci- Diana Wynne Jones
Angelica Petrocchi

For a major character in Magicians of Caprona who's all but infamous in her hometown, there's really not enough written about Angelica Petrocchi! It seems very possible she might spend some time at Chrestomanci Castle post Magicians of Caprona/Stealer of Souls-- how would that go? Who does she get along with, and who does she clash with? Does she ever figure out the more conventional way of doing spells (even if she hates it) or does she find a niche for her own brand of magic? Maybe she could go on another adventure in which her particular way of doing things is an asset rather than a hindrance?

Though I'm mostly thinking of gen, if you want to throw in a ship, great! I don't have any strong preferences for who Angelica might get together with, female or male (you could even have her try dating someone and have it wind up such a hilarious disaster that they never go out again) so if you feel like writing a dash of romance with Tonino, Paolo, Julia or Janet that could be really cute.  If you don't want to get shippy, I'd be delighted with adult/older teen Angelica who doesn't give a fig about romance or child Angelica who is likewise inclined.

Kushiel's Legacy- Jacqueline Carey
Alcuin no Delaunay, Joscelin Verreuil

I want Alcuin to live! How this happens is up to you, so long as he's really alive and it's not some sort of dark magic zombie thing that looks like him. I think it would be super neat to have two of Delaunay's pupils at large and potentially in politically influential positions, and I wonder how much things would change with Alcuin as a factor. And since I asked for Joscelin as well, I am particularly interested in how Alcuin and Joscelin's relationship would develop and change in the event of Alcuin's survival. Would Joscelin fall for Alcuin rather than Phedre? Would Alcuin take Joscelin to task for upsetting his foster-sister? I'm honestly equally okay with them having a grudging platonic association, a hard-won friendship or a torrid romance.

I would ask that Alcuin does not end up somehow achieving all Phedre's deeds, since I don't think he's really cut out for some of that business and I like Phedre too much to deprive her of her role in legend. Also I'm okay with mentions of past Alcuin/Delaunay and Alcuin grieving Delaunay but I'd prefer no onscreen Alcuin/Delaunay scenes.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

When I played, I was honestly shocked to have to kill the soldiers of Hyrule- sure they've gone evil, but they're still people. Wouldn't this pretty much permanently make Link's relationship with the royal guard at the very least extremely awkward? And how about the citizens of Kakariko Village who kept ratting him out? And what about that damn thief that hangs out in the Lost Woods and steals his hard-won rupees and arrows, who's probably STILL THERE waiting to mug Link on his way back from replacing the Master Sword. Basically, most of Hyrule seemed out to get Link in this game, and I can't imagine that even in a post-Ganon world he'd be terribly thrilled with that. He's just a pink bunny in a world of wolves, damn it!

So yeah, I'm curious what Link's life is like after defeating Ganon. Does he carefully move somewhere outside of Kakariko Village with his uncle or stay put and just give certain villagers the stink eye? Does he spend any time at the palace, and if so, is he slightly paranoid about the guards or trust that Zelda's on top of the situation? Alternatively, during the game did Link ever consider giving up, and if so what got him back on his feet again?

Leviathan- Scott Westerfeld
Deryn Sharp

So basically, I love Deryn Sharp. I love her determination and her curiosity and that she's dressed as a boy to do her dream job but that doesn't mean she looks down on other women in the slightest. Her passion for airships is just so lovely- and I say this as somebody who is deathly afraid of heights. At first the descriptions of her work gave me sympathetic nausea, but Deryn was having so much fun, it was infectious.

I should add I also love every character that was nominated and would be delighted to see Alek, Lilit, Nora Barlow or Count Volger though of course you have no obligation to put any of them in. As for prompts, I was thinking that Alek spends so much time feeling at a disadvantage to Deryn, it would be cute to see more times where Deryn felt lost- like the start of her fencing lessons, or trying to learn new languages, or maybe something before the series with her family. Or else you could write about her work for Dr Barlow after the series, or missing scenes of her settling in on the Leviathan, or pretty much anything that's not relentlessly angsty or depressing. I ship the hell out of Deryn/Alek but you don't have to write about them as a couple specifically, or even include Alek "onscreen" if it isn't a story where it makes sense for him to appear.


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