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Before I forget, my AO3 name is Aeriel and thank you for even considering writing or making art for me! I don't have a ton to say, and I don't want to overwhelm anyone, so basically I love these characters and their canons and I'm excited to see what you do with them. I've organized my requests alphabetically, and I promise I am enthusiastic about all of them, even if I rambled more about some than others.

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci- Diana Wynne Jones (fic or art)
Carol Oneir
What becomes of Carol Oneir when she's no longer the youngest bestselling dreamer? Does she give it up or try to find a new direction in her dreaming? Does she have any magical aptitude? Does she ever encounter Chrestomanci (Christopher or Cat) again? And (particularly if you're an artist) how has her fashion/accessorizing changed since then?

I'm mostly thinking of this as a gen request but it could be fun to see how Carol negotiates romance in her own life and how different it is from the way she directed it in her dreams. Roger Chant wouldn't stick to her script in the slightest (and Joe Pinhoe would probably be even worse) though perhaps she'd find herself more in line with one of the Caprona boys. Or maybe Janet is completely in sync with her but Carol doesn't realize it at first because she hadn't imagined girls could be interested in other girls!

More art prompts: Carol in her dreams? The scene where she finds herself in her dreamscape without any of her cast? Maybe the union meetings with Carol and her cast? Or the marketing for Carol's dreams when they're sold!

Death Note (fic)
Amane Misa and/or Yagami Sayu
Both these characters got a pretty raw deal in canon, especially Sayu. With Misa I'm fine exploring/depicting her fucked up canon situation and how she deals with it (unhealthily no doubt), but with Sayu I'd rather her not end up permanently traumatized if at all possible.

Is there ever a moment where Sayu begins to think she doesn't know her brother as well as she thinks she does? How does the investigation affect her life pre-Mello kidnapping? What does she think of Misa dating her brother?

Was there ever a point where Misa considered another path, whatever that might have been? Did she ever really feel a connection with someone besides Kira? I'm down for canonical Light/Misa in all its darkness (yes I'm hilarious) if you want to go there.

Kushiel's Legacy- Jacqueline Carey (fic or art)
Sidonie de la Courcel
I feel like one of the few people who fell super hard for Sidonie super quickly. She's so prickly and self-contained and fierce! I would especially love fic with her dealing with what happened with Astegal, because I felt kind of cheated out of that part of her arc. But I am also totally here for fic with her growing up and bonding with Alais and/or Ysandre, or sometime in the future ruling Terre d'Ange. Or interacting with Phedre (and/or Nicola)! Or interacting with Melisande! Shipwise I like Sidonie's canon love interests very much (and I'll include Maslin in that category) and would also be interested in her interacting with any Night Court adepts providing it didn't break up her marriage or anything, but by no means feel compelled to write something shippy!

For art, I'd love to see Sidonie designing her tattoo, or getting her first look at it finished. Or her in a family moment (with her mother, or sister, or daughter especially). Or maybe an illustration of the scene where she gives that speech after escaping Astegal and reveals the flesh Imriel cut off her back.

Ouran High School Host Club (fic)
Fujioka Haruhi
I love Haruhi, and how she's both the straight man to the rest of the Club's wackiness and yet utterly unconcerned about most of the things that they find inescapable, to the point where they think she's just as weird. (And she's totally comfortable with that!)

Maybe something about Haruhi's infinite adaptability, with her making an odd situation normal or defusing a tense situation into a workable one? Or a bit of one of the Host Club events with Haruhi and the Ouran girls that like her best? Or even something a bit serious, so long as it turns out all right for Haruhi (and the cast at large, I love them too). I obviously enjoy gen a lot but I'd hardly say no to Haruhi/Ouran girl(s) or Haruhi/Hikaru, or Haruhi/Kyouya, or Haruhi/Kyouya/Tamaki.

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