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Welcome, Yuletide writer and anyone else wandering by! My AO3 name is Aeriel, and I love all these canons, so no matter which we have in common, I'm excited. Generally speaking I'm open to stories of all ratings, gen, f/f, m/m or f/m. I have mostly been using my LJ and DW for letter writing for various exchanges which may or may not be of use to you if you're in a stalking mood (see the exchange letter and yuletide tags).

Edward Gorey's PBS Mystery Intro

I saw this in the tagset and my childhood rose up and demanded I request this on the spot! I don't think I ever saw a program on Mystery! that lived up to this intro, really. I requested Any because I don't have any fixed idea of what these characters should be focused on or who the protagonists of this story are, or anything like that, so whoever you think should take prominence is perfectly acceptable. I'm a fan of Edward Gorey in general, and the casual bizarreness and indifference to the macabre that often characterizes his world, and there's a lot of that in this, with various characters looking unruffled in ridiculous situations, and the man slipping into the pool without anyone seeming to notice or care.

Prompts! Is anyone actually invested in solving this mystery, whatever it may be? If so, are they going to be able to, or are all the partygoers completely unhelpful? Is this a murder mystery, and if so, are there multiple murders? Multiple murderers? There certainly are plenty of suspicious characters. But maybe it's less complicated than it seems, and the swooning ladies just like to do that for attention, or at least that's what everyone says. Or it's more comfortable sinking into the pool than watching that lady's fan change all the time. Or something else entirely!

Darkangel Trilogy- Meredith Ann Pierce
Irrylath, Oriencor

So I love Irrylath dearly, even if he's not exactly the nicest person to be around all the time, particularly if you're either of his cousins. I've requested Irrylath and Oriencor because I'm interested in how Irrylath became a darkangel and/or how he dealt with the reality of what happened to him-- and how badly he was betrayed-- after becoming human again and regaining all his memories. Aeriel doesn't really begin to grasp the full scope of it until the end of A Gathering of Gargoyles, but Irrylath's obviously been struggling with it since the very end of the first book, and I think it's really understandable that he doesn't feel comfortable enough opening up about the sexual abuse until he's had some space to figure it out at least a little bit for himself.

I would rather not receive any graphic sex scenes between Oriencor and young Irrylath, though I certainly don't mind allusions to that aspect of their relationship, because that's such a part of the hold she has on him. I would also rather not receive any Irrylath/Sabr, though Irrylath/Aeriel is fine, if you'd prefer to focus on the post-darkangel period.

Kushiel's Legacy- Jacqueline Carey
Sidonie de la Courcel, Imriel de la Courcel

I think these two are just about my favorite major canon couple in all the Kushiel books, for all their sore spots and prickly moments. I like how much we get to see them grow, and grow with and because of each other, and for one thing I'd always be happy to see more of that, and how they make marriage and parenthood work alongside politics. I'd also really love something exploring the aftermath of what happened with Astegal from Sidonie's perspective, and how she came to decide on designing her own tattoo as a reclamation of her body, and how she coped with the memory of believing she loved and wanted someone who violated her so completely. Or more of Imriel working through his past trauma with Sidonie's deep support.

I'd also be interested in canon divergence wherein Imriel actually does have to find and kill his mother to win Ysandre's approval, particularly since I'm not quite sure that would have won him popular acclaim from all corners. Or canon divergence where Imriel ends up not marrying Dorelei, and either has to go on being at court and pretending to not be involved with Sidonie or goes on a very different journey. Or, what if Melisande's plan worked, and she and Benedicte and Imriel did take the throne, and Sidonie and Alais had to grow up in hiding, and then Imriel and Sidonie crossed paths all the same, only with Imriel as pampered but somewhat reluctant Dauphin, and Sidonie ambitious exile in disguise?

Lou! Journal infime (2014)

This was one of my favorite movies I saw this year-- it's so sweet and heartfelt and goofy. I was charmed by just about all the characters, and one thing I absolutely loved was the way the teenagers actually felt like teenagers, down to not always quite knowing what they wanted, and sometimes discovering what they thought they wanted wasn't all they imagined it would be.  I also loved how important the relationship between Lou and her mother was, and that while finding a boyfriend did inspire the mother to take more care in her appearence and act a bit more her age, ultimately it wasn't the boyfriend she needed but her own self-esteem that made her feel like a superhero.

Prompts! I'd love to see more of Lou's creative projects, or more of the doll saga she and Mina have been working on together. Does Tristan ever find out about Lou's scrapbook of him, or is it carefully hidden away and never spoken of again? Does Lou's mother ever publish her stories/get them made into cartoons? How did Mina feel while she and Lou weren't speaking? What are some other events that were joyous enough for Lou and her mother to dance about? Really, I just want more of this lovely adorable world and protagonist.

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