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Before I forget, my AO3 name is Aeriel and thank you for even considering writing or making art for me! I don't have a ton to say, and I don't want to overwhelm anyone, so basically I love these characters and their canons and I'm excited to see what you do with them. I've organized my requests alphabetically, and I promise I am enthusiastic about all of them, even if I rambled more about some than others.

Some general DNWs that may or may not be likely to come up in the contexts of these fandoms: body horror, public humiliation, cancer and other long-term serious illness, graphic non-con/rape, characters getting dumped 'for their own good', zombies, cruelty to animals, characters aggressively pursuing someone romantically who genuinely has no interest in them.

Chronicles of Amber- Roger Zelazny
Deirdre (and/or Deirdre & Fiona, and/or Deirdre & Flora)
I like Deirdre a lot, from the little we see of her, and I'd love to see more, generally. It's interesting to me that from the very beginning of the series Deirdre states she has no interest in ruling Amber (and everyone seems to believe her) and that by the end of the series, Corwin comes to the same conclusion. Did it take Deirdre a while to opt out of the race for the crown, or has she always wanted no part of it, and if so, why? It's mentioned once by Corwin that Deirdre and Flora tend to clash, and I'd also love to see something of that dynamic. Meanwhile, there's no statement at all about Deirdre and Fiona's dynamic: do they get along? Despise each other but less openly? Or has it changed over time? And why is it that Random makes such a point of loathing Deirdre back in book one? Did she do something to him?

As far as ships, I am here for Corwin/Deirdre although frankly I'd also be down for some power play flirting between Deirdre and Fiona if that is a thing that interests you. Otherwise I'm perfectly delighted to receive gen!

Chronicles of Chrestomanci- Diana Wynne Jones

Marianne PinhoeDoes Marianne have much trouble adjusting to doing enchanter's magic after years of dwimmer only? Does her love of/understanding of magical theory ever come in handy on an adventure? How does she get on with the Pinhoes as she gets older and becomes one of the folks at the Castle? Does she continue to try and write stories or does that fall by the wayside as she gets involved in stories of her own? Does Marianne visit other worlds? If so, does she ever encounter a Marianne double a la Janet and Gwendolen? How does she get along with Chrestomanci? I do ship Marianne with Cat, if that is of interest, but don't feel under any obligation to include the pairing if you don't!

Kushiel's Legacy- Jacqueline Carey
Isabel L'Envers
It's interesting to me how limited a perspective we get on Isabel. I recently finished reading You And Only You, and although she's really a huge part of that story, there's not so much as a single line from her. And really, thinking about it, the only characters we meet who speak about Isabel from first-hand experience are men: Delaunay and Barquiel L'Envers. There's at least one fic out there from Isabel's perspective, but I'd love to read another, or to see Isabel from the perspective of another woman. I'd also be really interested in an AU where Isabel lived and Delaunay and she had to either keep tangling or put up with each other for Ysandre's sake

I mainly see this as a gen request, though I have no objection to canonical Isabel/Rolande being part of the story.

Sidonie de la Courcel
I feel like one of the few people who fell super hard for Sidonie super quickly. She's so prickly and self-contained and fierce! I would especially love fic with her dealing with what happened with Astegal, because I felt kind of cheated out of that part of her arc. But I am also totally here for fic with her growing up and bonding with Alais and/or Ysandre, or sometime in the future ruling Terre d'Ange. Or interacting with Phedre (and/or Nicola)! Or interacting with Melisande! Shipwise I like Sidonie's canon love interests very much (and I'll include Maslin in that category) and would also be interested in her interacting with any Night Court adepts providing it didn't break up her marriage or anything, but by no means feel compelled to write something shippy!

Fire Emblem Fates
Female My Unit | Avatar | Kamui | Corrin
I like the Avatar a lot as a character, particularly the Conquest!Avatar willing to dirty her hands for the greater good and the Revelations!Avatar just desperate to believe in people's best intentions. How does she move forward post-Conquest? Or in Revelations, is it difficult suddenly being in charge of Valla despite not knowing it existed until recently? What are some awkward things about being a dragon?

I'm used to both Corrin and Kamui for her name, so use whichever you prefer. If you want to include ships, at the moment I like her with Kaden, Takumi, Forrest, or Soleil.

Soleil and Rhajat
I really wish Soleil and Rhajat had supports, because I just think they make so much sense together! Soleil being unbalanced by a cute girl pursuing her instead of vice-versa? Soleil thinking Rhajat hates her when really Rhajat's jealous of all the other girls she flirts with and takes to tea/mad she's not getting asked to tea? Cultural differences?
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