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(yes, it wouldn't be summer if I didn't have a case of exchange fever-- this is for the brand new SFF lit exchange)

Hello writer, and anyone else poking around! If we've been matched on one of these books, you clearly have excellent taste, and I shall be delighted to see what you come up with! I've organized my requests alphabetically, and I promise I am enthusiastic about all of them, even if I rambled more about some than others.

Generally speaking, when it comes to dislikes, I'd rather there not be super graphic violence or non-canonical character death. Otherwise, as follows are my requests. If I'm in any way too specific, please don't feel constrained by what I've written!

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Welcome, Yuletide writer and anyone else wandering by! My AO3 name is Aeriel, and I love all these canons, so no matter which we have in common, I'm excited. Generally speaking I'm open to stories of all ratings, gen, f/f, m/m or f/m. I have mostly been using my LJ and DW for letter writing for various exchanges which may or may not be of use to you if you're in a stalking mood (see the exchange letter and yuletide tags).

Some very general likes-- friendship, loving families, characters who talk to each other about their problems, politics and intrigue, worldbuilding, characters who are passionate about something, adventure, characters making the best of a bad situation, characters determined to survive, characters making tough decisions.

Overall squicks that may or may not come up in the context of these fandoms-- body horror, zombies, incest for these fandoms, explicit child abuse/molestation backstories for characters who don't have them (for now I'm going with 'fourteen or under' for definition of child) and sensationalized death of female characters. Other DNWs are pining, terminal diseases, pushing partners away "for their own good" and cannibalism.

Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Kushiel's Legacy, Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past and Leviathan )
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(I am doing far too many exchanges this summer, so this is the first of several letters. I apologize to my flist for this sudden shocking burst of activity)

Hello! And thank you for considering writing one of my fandoms. I promise I'm quite easy to please, and I'm very excited about all of these canons even if I've written slightly more about some of them than others. Obviously any ideas I suggest are just ideas, not demands, so don't worry!

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Note that if you wish to stalk for further reading about these fandoms I have previously requested (and received lovely fic for) Leviathan over on Livejournal, and the same goes for Chrestomanci, but I don't believe I've done so for Oz or Blossom Culp.

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