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Hello, and thank you for even considering one of my rare ships! My AO3 name is Aeriel and I am ridiculously delighted by the prospect of getting something for one of these ships, whose popularity ranges from 'a fond minority' to 'lol nobody cares'. I tried to make my requests the same size but unfortunately I did not succeed. At all. Please don't think that means I'm less interested in the ones that I said less about! Sometimes I have less ideas about what these character would be like together, but I'm requesting them because I want to see that explored.

As a general rule, I am okay with everything from G rated hand holding to explicit shenanigans, though I would rather no super underage sex stuff (tentatively ruling that some confused fumbling between 13/14 year olds of the same age is all right and 15-17 year olds can do whatever they like, and naturally if there's a canon age gap I don't mind seeing it in fic), and no non-con.  If you are leaning towards writing porn, I would like at least a little bit of story with it. If you are leaning towards not writing porn, no problem!

Note on canons requested that have multiple versions: I am only familiar with the anime of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Ouran High School Host Club. If you wanna reference one of the other versions, go ahead, but it will almost certainly fly over my head.

Relationship tropes that are Do Not Wants: ultimatums, jealousy that leads to angst, long term pining, characters forcing their partners out of the closet and/or not respecting their boundaries, the saint and the project (one character is fucked up and destructive and their partner is the selfless person that puts up with all their shit with no complaints or signs of issues of their own), characters dumping other characters 'for their own good' and anyone getting a non-canon terminal disease. That said, I doubt most of those are likely to come up in the contexts of the ships I asked for, so here's what I asked for.

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Before I forget, my AO3 name is Aeriel and thank you for even considering writing or making art for me! I don't have a ton to say, and I don't want to overwhelm anyone, so basically I love these characters and their canons and I'm excited to see what you do with them. I've organized my requests alphabetically, and I promise I am enthusiastic about all of them, even if I rambled more about some than others.

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Thank you so much for signing up for this exchange and one of my fandoms! I really love gen and am so pleased to be part of the first round of this exchange and I hope you feel the same way. Since people define gen in some slightly different ways, I thought you might like to know my definition, which is fic that is primarily focused on something besides romance, whether that be friendship, plot, the main character's development as a person or other platonic relationships. I am not of the school that gen cannot feature any romance at all, so a background couple or reference to somebody being in a relationship or even a kiss is fine so long as it isn't the focus of the story. But if your definition includes no romance or you just don't plain feel like having any in the story, please go with your gut and don't write what you don't want to!

My gen DNWs are pretty brief- no violence towards animals, no hopeless endings, no gross out humor, no character bashing and I'm thinking specifically for this fest and the fandoms I requested, no setting changing AUs (canon divergence is fine).

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And I guess that's everything! Kind of amused that my requests shook out to be all Japanese media.

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Hello, and thank you so much for considering writing something for one of my fandoms! (I am absolutely terrible at coming up with non-writing prompts so after much deliberation, I'm only asking for fic this year) I've tried to ramble at equal length about everything I requested but even if I didn't quite succeed, I really am pleased with fic for any of these! And if none of the prompts I've written speak to you or you already have a great idea for one of the fandoms/characters we matched on, please go ahead and do your own thing!

That said, for what I'm asking for, generally, please no gross-out humor, cruelty to animals, darkfic, rape/backstories of being molested as a child, character bashing, or issuefic.

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