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Hello, writer, and anyone else poking around. If we've been matched on one of these fandoms, you obviously have the best taste, and I shall be delighted to see what you come up with!

Generally speaking, there's a few things that I'm not big on, the weirdest one is love confessions. I know I mentioned a few potential ships, but whether you decide to write those or not, I'd rather there wasn't a confession scene. I'd also rather there not be super graphic violence or non-canonical character death. Otherwise, as follows are my requests in alphabetical order. If I'm in any way too specific, please don't feel constrained by what I've written!

Chronicles of Narnia- C.S. Lewis; Susan Pevensie
The obligatory Susan prompt. If you don't want to deal with The Problem of Susan (the question of what happens to her after The Last Battle and why she really didn't go back to Narnia, not the Neil Gaiman short story), I'd be happy to hear about her during Narnia's Golden Age as a queen, (and I'm actually down for some dirtybadwrong incest with Peter if that strikes your fancy) or between LWW and PC, not knowing if she's ever going to see Narnia again, because how does one adjust from being a queen to a schoolgirl in war torn England, anyway?

Greek and Roman Mythology; Adonis, Aphrodite, Apollo, Cassandra
When gods fall in love with mortals, and it doesn't go so well. Why did Cassandra really turn down Apollo? Did she ever love him? How did Adonis feel, being fought over by Persephone and Aphrodite? You don't have to do all four, but I'd like something about at least one of these four. I'm also interested in Aphrodite's perspective in, well, pretty much any myth she's in. And Apollo is pretty much always interesting. I'm also down if you want to do Aphrodite/Cassandra and/or Apollo/Adonis.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; Link, Zelda
Considering the main person connecting the two of them (Midna) is now gone, how do they go on? I'm interesting in them negotiating a relationship (platonic or eventually romantic- I ship it, but it's okay if you don't) despite the obstacle of Zelda finally becoming queen and being busy with politics. I'd like to think Link still remains on good terms with the people of Ordon, but I don't think he'd be quite satisfied just herding goats after seeing so much of the trouble in the world outside.

Norse Mythology; Odin
So Odin has a rough job, yeah? Talk about an intense pantheon of gods to keep control over. I'd like to see some of his mistakes, decisions that he regrets, or decisions he should regret but would do over if he had to. I'm especially interested in his relationship with the Valkyries, Frigga, Baldr, and the war with the Vanir, but would take other relationships and moments as well. I'd rather the story not be overtaken by Loki, but I'm okay with him being involved because well, it's Loki, he causes a huge proportion of the problems in Asgard.


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