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Hello, and thank you for even considering one of my rare ships! My AO3 name is Aeriel and I am ridiculously delighted by the prospect of getting something for one of these ships, whose popularity ranges from 'a fond minority' to 'lol nobody cares'. I tried to make my requests the same size but unfortunately I did not succeed. At all. Please don't think that means I'm less interested in the ones that I said less about! Sometimes I have less ideas about what these character would be like together, but I'm requesting them because I want to see that explored.

As a general rule, I am okay with everything from G rated hand holding to explicit shenanigans, though I would rather no super underage sex stuff (tentatively ruling that some confused fumbling between 13/14 year olds of the same age is all right and 15-17 year olds can do whatever they like, and naturally if there's a canon age gap I don't mind seeing it in fic), and no non-con.  If you are leaning towards writing porn, I would like at least a little bit of story with it. If you are leaning towards not writing porn, no problem!

Note on canons requested that have multiple versions: I am only familiar with the anime of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Ouran High School Host Club. If you wanna reference one of the other versions, go ahead, but it will almost certainly fly over my head.

Relationship tropes that are Do Not Wants: ultimatums, jealousy that leads to angst, long term pining, characters forcing their partners out of the closet and/or not respecting their boundaries, the saint and the project (one character is fucked up and destructive and their partner is the selfless person that puts up with all their shit with no complaints or signs of issues of their own), characters dumping other characters 'for their own good' and anyone getting a non-canon terminal disease. That said, I doubt most of those are likely to come up in the contexts of the ships I asked for, so here's what I asked for.

Chronicles of Chrestomanci- Diana Wynne Jones
Janet Chant/Julia Chant or Angelica Petrocchi/Julia Chant or Cat Chant/Marianne Pinhoe

Janet Chant/Julia Chant
These two are so great and I wholeheartedly believe that Janet, at least, is in the process of developing a huge crush on Julia. That bit in Stealer of Souls where Cat says Julia and Roger are plain and Janet insists that Julia's going to grow up to be a great beauty! I think even if they ended up in a long term relationship, there would still be a bit of bickering, because they're both so stubborn and used to getting their own way, and I like that. But I'd also love to see them as a fling or even a one-sided thing if you see it that way. Maybe, inspired by the Millie books, they both go to boarding school when they're older and start messing around there? Or some other magical children make fun of Janet for having no magic, Julia plots revenge, and realize that she's more passionate about Janet than she thought? Or maybe they end up temporarily in Janet's world, and Julia has to rely on Janet, in the process discovering Janet's world happens to be a lot more open about same sex relationships?

Angelica Petrocchi/Julia Chant
Now, Angelica and Julia might actually hate each others' guts at first, since Angelica has super strong magic that never quite does what she wants and Julia has a moderate amount of magic that she has complete control over. But after the initial personality clash, it would be rather sweet if they ended up defending each other. Maybe they could meet as adventuring adults? Or Angelica invites herself along on a trip to England with Tonino, or Julia goes to Caprona to visit Tonino and ends up in the middle of Montana/Petrocchi madness. I don't think it's clear whether Julia (and Roger) understand cats, but she's certainly spent enough of her life around strongly magical ones that Vittoria might be a point of common ground between her and Angelica.

Cat Chant/Marianne Pinhoe
So I've been re-reading Pinhoe Egg, and though I could repeat previous prompts I've written for these two (yes one of these days I'll put my money where my mouth is and write shipfic for them myself) I feel it is high time I update my pitch. I love how well they work together immediately ("Will you help me look for Nutcase?" "What does he look like?" Marianne approved of this practical question) and how in their very first meeting they're both impressed visually with each other's magic (Marianne's seeming to "blaze off" her and Cat glowing gold like the Christmas bells). It also delights me to see Cat, notorious for his indirectness, finding himself comfortable directly stating both that he really just wants to explore the attic and that he thinks Marianne's family is stifling her much as Gwendolen stifled him. Canon gave us a bit of how Cat's beginning to grow and change and come into his own, so it would be lovely to see Marianne doing that in her way. I liked how clearly neither of them are really comfortable with the idea of romance in Pinhoe Egg (Cat saying he isn't in love with Irene, Marianne changing her story to be about cats) so I'd imagine they'd be a bit older before anything romantic started happening between them. Prompts! Maybe Marianne goes off to London or Caprona or somewhere exciting for a while and when she and Cat encounter each other again things are different and they can't quite figure out why at first? Or awkward teenage years with magic and magical creatures constantly butting in demanding attention? Or whatever!

Les Contes d'Hoffman- Offenback/Barbier
E T A Hoffman/ La Muse | Nicklausse
First of all, on the off chance that we matched on this opera, I'm totally cool with this being written as a metaphorical romance focusing heavily on the Muse side of things OR a literal romance either with the Muse when she's Nicklausse or when Hoffman recognizes her as Muse. No matter which direction you prefer, I love how possessive the Muse is and how jealous she gets of Hoffman's loves. When did the Muse first come to him? Is Nicklausse a real person the Muse is impersonating/possessing, or has he always been a disguise for the Muse? Is this the end of Hoffman's human romances or will he stray again in future?

Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu | Fire Emblem: Geneaology of the Holy War
Azel/Raquesis (fic or art)
It is possibly unfair of me to request this when I haven't yet finished the game but I'm almost done with the first generation and don't mind spoilers so... what the hell. These two don't get any conversations, but I love the idea of them and wish there was more to go on. Raquesis obviously adores her brother and yet Azel is a totally different personality. Was he ever anxious about having to compete with Eltshan in Raquesis' mind?  Does Raquesis feel at all protective of Azel? She's the more forceful of the two, yet she's the one who can use staves to heal, which could be interesting art-wise. Raquesis says in chapter two she'll never marry-- what changes her mind? I can't imagine Azel pressuring her, so maybe she'd take the lead. Also her married conversation with Dew is uh, fairly suggestive, so I certainly wouldn't say no to any exploration of the more mature bits of Raquesis and Azel's relationship.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Sakura Chiyo/Mikoshiba Mikoto or or Kashima Yuu/Sakura Chiyo or Mikoshiba Mikoto/Sakura Chiyo/Kashima Yuu

Sakura Chiyo/Mikoshiba Mikoto
I really enjoy their friendship and how Mikorin warms up to Chiyo (which as we see, is something that usually takes a bit longer) and they could make for a potentially adorable couple, if Chiyo decides she has more than one type and can get over the weirdness of dating the inspiration for Mamiko. Chiyo's genuine kindness would be well matched for Mikorin's anxiety over girls, I think. For prompts, maybe Mikorin wants to ask Chiyo out but is so embarrassed he can't bring himself to say what he really means. Or he's nervous because he's figured out she likes Nozaki and can't imagine he would be the type of cool guy Chiyo wants, but then Chiyo makes a move. Or Mikorin tries several lines from his dating sims out, and eventually Chiyo realizes that he's interested.

Kashima Yuu/Sakura Chiyo
Everyone knows that Kashima loves playing the prince and sweeping would be princesses off their feet. What if she concluded that Chiyo had that desire? How might she go about trying to fulfill Chiyo's dream? Alternately, in the last episode Kashima, Chiyo and Yuzuki went to the festival together. Maybe just hanging out for a while lets Chiyo see a different side to Kashima. Or maybe at another future festival or event Yuzuki runs off because she sees someone or goes to do an activity neither of them are interested in, and someone mistakes Kashima and Chiyo for a couple, and they realize they don't mind it.

Mikoshiba Mikoto/Sakura Chiyo/Kashima Yuu
So I'm amused by the idea of Mikorin being such a goober that he begs Kashima to help him woo Chiyo and things get… complicated. Or Kashima deciding to try her hand at matchmaking and inadvertently getting herself enmeshed in the love story she thought she was creating. Or whatever scenario excites you when you think of this threesome! I'm equally all right with OT3 or just one strange night than the three of them can never quite explain afterwards (providing none of them are suddenly cheating on someone). Or two of them being a couple first who end up bringing the third one in.

Ouran High School Host Club
Fujioka Haruhi/Ootori Kyouya/Suoh Tamaki or Morinozuka Takashi/Haninozuka Mitsukuni/Fujioka Haruhi or Fujioka Haruhi/Hitachiin Hikaru/Ootori Kyouya

Fujioka Haruhi/Ootori Kyouya/Suoh Tamaki
These three have such a great dynamic. I like how Tamaki and Kyouya push Haruhi to try new experiences (even if they aren't always aware that's what they're doing), and Tamaki and Haruhi push Kyouya into doing things outside of what is expected of him from his family/station in life. And, of course, how Kyouya and Haruhi rein Tamaki in from going completely off into ridiculousness. If the three of them were to all get together, I think Tamaki would accept it the fastest, since in some ways he's the least bound up in worrying what other people will say. How might he go about convincing Kyouya and Haruhi that they can all get what they want? Alternatively, maybe it's Kyouya who comes up with poly as a solution, and he and Tamaki have to persuade Haruhi it's respectable enough to be honest with her dad. Or maybe it all sort of happens by accident and suddenly Honey-senpai is joking that Mori and the rest of the Host Club feel left out. I'd also totally be down for established relationship, basically as long as Haruhi/Kyouya, Haruhi/Tamaki and Kyouya/Tamaki are all equally important and they're having fun!

Morinozuka Takashi/Haninozuka Mitsukuni/Fujioka Haruhi
I don't really have firm ideas for how this would work, to be honest, but I'm hoping someone else does! I feel like there should be more Haruhi interacting with Mori and Honey-senpai in general. Perhaps as part of a martial arts movie parody? Or maybe the three of them have to work together on a scavenger hunt or organize something and things develop from there? Or maybe after they've all graduated Honey-senpai and/or Mori go looking for Haruhi because they need her help (her legal help?) or just because they miss her. It'd also be fun to see Haruhi interacting with Chika and the Haninozuka family more, particularly if she got to change her assessment of Honey-senpai as a terrible person. Or Haruhi interacting with the Morinozukas/getting to know Mori better in particular. Generally I prefer all three to be involved here, so for Mori/Honey, Mori/Haruhi and Honey/Haruhi all to be equally important.

Fujioka Haruhi/Hitachiin Hikaru/Ootori Kyouya
Hikaru can be careless and flippant, but I like that Haruhi knows a good portion of it is for show, and thought it was really sweet how much it meant to both the twins that she could tell them apart, and the way Kaoru encouraged Hikaru to go after Haruhi. Similarly, I like how even when Kyouya is being threatening/cold Haruhi sees through it, though I'd rather not a whole fic of Hikaru and Kyouya being at their worst and Haruhi having to deal with it, if that makes sense. There's a lot of little moments in the series of Hikaru and Kyouya being thoughtful and that's what I think of when I think of them as an OT3. I'd hope that in the context of a relationship Hikaru and Kyouya could manage to balance each other out all right and manage to be supportive of each other and Haruhi. In their own way. How might the three of them get together? Would Kyouya try to manage them both? Does Hikaru have a hard time initially being apart from Kaoru? (Kaoru being single or with anyone you like is fine) Was Haruhi skeptical at first or did she just sort of find herself involved and end up not wanting to worry or leave?
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