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Hello, and thank you for even considering one of my rare ships! My AO3 name is Aeriel and I am ridiculously delighted by the prospect of getting something for one of these ships, whose popularity ranges from 'a fond minority' to 'lol nobody cares'. I tried to make my requests the same size but unfortunately I did not succeed. At all. Please don't think that means I'm less interested in the ones that I said less about! Sometimes I have less ideas about what these character would be like together, but I'm requesting them because I want to see that explored.

As a general rule, I am okay with everything from G rated hand holding to explicit shenanigans, though I would rather no super underage sex stuff (tentatively ruling that some confused fumbling between 13/14 year olds of the same age is all right and 15-17 year olds can do whatever they like, and naturally if there's a canon age gap I don't mind seeing it in fic), and no non-con.  If you are leaning towards writing porn, I would like at least a little bit of story with it. If you are leaning towards not writing porn, no problem!

Relationship tropes that are Do Not Wants: ultimatums, jealousy that leads to angst, long term pining, characters forcing their partners out of the closet and/or not respecting their boundaries, the saint and the project (one character is fucked up and destructive and their partner is the selfless person that puts up with all their shit with no complaints or signs of issues of their own), characters dumping other characters 'for their own good' and anyone getting a non-canon terminal disease. That said, I doubt most of those are likely to come up in the contexts of the ships I asked for, so here's what I asked for.

バケモノの子 | Bakemono no Ko | The Boy and the Beast (2016)
Kyuuta | Ren/Ichirohiko
I started shipping these two when Ichirohiko defended Kyuuta from his brother's bullying and was over the moon the moment I realized Ichirohiko was secretly human! And then all the parallelism happened and oh my god, there are so many points of connection for them going forward (and Kyuuta gave Ichirohiko Kaede's bookmark bracelet!) with Ichirohiko having to deal with his anger and balance his nature the same way Kyuuta had to. Kyuuta, in his own way, is comfortable in his own skin, able and willing to forge a new path for himself, while Ichirohiko was repeatedly lied to about his identity and forced himself to try and fit a mold he was never going to grow into. Does Kyuuta ever teach Ichirohiko a few things? Is Ichirohiko ever interested in visiting the human world again under less dramatic circumstances? How might a relationship between the two of them develop, and/or once developed, how would it affect how they see themselves and their place in the world(s)?

Chronicles of Amber- Roger Zelazny
When did they cross the threshold from brother and sister to lovers, if you will? Was there a period when they were happy, before Oberon found out and made his disapproval clear? Were there reactions from their other siblings (particularly Eric and Flora-- why is it Deirdre and Flora used to clash, anyway?) of any sort or were they all busy with their own affairs/not particularly surprised or inclined to make judgements either way? I'm particularly interested in Deirdre's side of things since for obvious reasons we largely got her through Corwin's eyes.

With this family I could easily see certain members getting involved sexually just as another kind of head game to mess with one another, and that's definitely the way I envision Fiona/Deirdre. We know that Deirdre and Flora used to hate each other, but canon doesn't really give us an idea of how Fiona relates to any of her sisters, so there's plenty of room for interpretation! Maybe Fiona is scientifically curious about the bodies of her siblings, and pursues Deirdre because she knows Deirdre definitely won't fall inconveniently in love with her like Julian? Or maybe Fiona pretends to make an effort to comfort Deirdre after Corwin goes missing, only because she wants something from Deirdre? Or maybe Deirdre's the one who decides to cozy up to Fiona for her own reasons. Or maybe they're simply at each other's throats in a very sexually charged way!

Fire Emblem Fates
Foleo | Forrest/Syalla | Rhajat (Fates)
 I love how completely Forrest rolls with Rhajat's... being Rhajat and is only upset when she says she hates him. What kind of clothes does he make her? What kind of wedding dress would he make for their wedding? Does he enjoy being followed around? What would Leo make of Rhajat as his daughter-in-law? What would Hayato make of Forrest as his son-in-law?

Foleo | Forrest/My Unit | Kamui | Corrin (Fates)
I nominated this ship without specifying Corrin's sex because I'm equally interested in Forrest/M!Corrin and Forrest/F!Corrin. Obviously F!Corrin is the one who can canonically marry Forrest, but M!Corrin's supports with Forrest are incredibly flirty and suggestive and I find it easy to imagine them leading somewhere. That said, how on earth do they break the news to Leo? Or, what are some moments that come between F!Corrin's supports, shopping trips and sexually charged measuring sessions? Maybe Forrest healing Corrin of either sex turns into something steamy? Or Corrin gets Forrest a present in exchange for all he's made for her? Forrest lets slip to M!Corrin that although he prefers girls, he's been known to make an occasional exception?

Kushiel's Legacy- Jacqueline Carey
Alcuin no Delaunay/Joscelin Verreuil
Full disclosure: I have written this ship before, but please don't think that means I have any sort of rigid ideas about it! I like the idea of it because I feel like Alcuin and Joscelin would bring out different aspects of each other than we see in their canon romances. There's the fun bit of interaction already present in Dart with Joscelin teaching Alcuin to spar with him, and the contrast of Joscelin's rigidness to Alcuin's adaptability, and arguably Alcuin's attitudes towards sex are more like Joscelin's than Phedre's in terms of monogamy and romantic attachment. I would prefer this ship in an AU where Alcuin didn't die.

Alcuin no Delaunay/Ysandre de la Courcel
In Kushiel's Dart, after Phedre's pardon Ysandre says that she wishes she'd been able to meet Alcuin, and I think they'd have had rather a lot in common! I like that they're both cunning and both willing and able to use their wits to pursue their passions, and naturally if Alcuin had lived he would have worked for Ysandre (and arguably already was). Maybe Ysandre is curious about sex and Alcuin likes her enough to oblige? Or maybe, conscious of the worth of her virginity before marriage, nothing ever happens between them sexually but they develop feelings while working together closely in matters of intrigue and share a charged kiss or two? (Or well, there's probably a lot they could do that still wouldn't ~devirginize Ysandre in the eyes of foreign princes) I should mention I'm completely okay with Ysandre/Drustan still being a thing as long as everyone is aware of what's going on and there isn't say, Ysandre and Alcuin secretly happening behind Drustan's back. I would prefer this ship in an AU where Alcuin didn't die.

Melisande Shahrizai/Sidonie de la Courcel
And now for my darkfic request! Because I find it hard to imagine a scenario where this ship would happen that wouldn't be twisted in some way, but the idea of it is fascinating all the same. Even in an AU where Melisande gets to Sidonie before/instead of Imriel, Sidonie is still the daughter and heir of the Queen Melisande has been actively working to dethrone and/or kill. Melisande being Melisande, I imagine she would find it delightful to conquer Ysandre's daughter. Sidonie is of course not an anguisette, but Melisande has enough of the qualities she seems attracted to that if she didn't know initially who Melisande was I think she might just be tempted by her. I should re-iterate I'd rather not see graphic on-screen non-con but I'm pretty much expecting dubcon and referenced/implied non-con is fine for this specific request.

Der Rosenkavalier | The Knight of the Rose - Strauss/von Hoffmannsthal/von Kessler
Maria Therese/Octavian
I recently saw this opera for the first time and really enjoyed it, though I was I think appropriate levels of sad that Octavian leaves Maria Therese for Sophie in the end. But I'm curious about the early/earlier days of Octavian's relationship with Maria Therese. How did Maria Therese and Octavian first meet each other? How did their romance begin? Were there any other close calls with Octavian almost getting caught? (More cross-dressing silliness always welcome, honestly!)


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