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(I am doing far too many exchanges this summer, so this is the first of several letters. I apologize to my flist for this sudden shocking burst of activity)

Hello! And thank you for considering writing one of my fandoms. I promise I'm quite easy to please, and I'm very excited about all of these canons even if I've written slightly more about some of them than others. Obviously any ideas I suggest are just ideas, not demands, so don't worry!

Blossom Culp Series- Richard Peck, Alexander Armsworth
I've loved this series since reading Blossom Culp And The Sleep of Death in 5th grade. I was so delighted when I found out there was more than one, and so annoyed at the friend who checked out The Ghost Belonged To Me before I could get to it. I hated romance back then, but I made a special quiet exception for Blossom and Alexander because they were ridiculous and perfect. I love Alexander for all his silliness and susceptibility to peer pressure, and would love to see him get a backbone, if he ever does get a backbone. His interactions with his family are hilarious and great and I would love some of those if possible, as well as bickering with Blossom.

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci- Diana Wynne Jones, Marianne Pinhoe
Any Marianne story, though I'd especially love Marianne in the castle and I do ship Marianne with Cat. I love how he sees the potential in her and she actually listens to him even though she's been told not to trust people from the castle all her life. And I love how Marianne's story of Princess Irene evolves from a romance into a story about cats! I kind of wondered if it was going to turn out that Marianne had written Irene into reality, for a little while there, but maybe she just knows about people.

Leviathan- Scott Westerfeld, Deryn Sharp, Aleksander of Hohenberg
I love both Alek/Deryn friendship and Alek/Deryn romance. I want them to have epic adventures together forever. On the other hand, I think it would be hilarious to see them in a more mundane setting. Obviously they're not going to be back in Alek's comfort zone anytime soon, but towards the end of Goliath I really wanted him to meet Deryn's family. Which made me think, how are the Sharps coping, anyway? Did Jaspert ever tell them where his sister had gone? Would they eventually come to terms with Deryn's choices. I hope they would, and I hope they'd be wonderfully embarrassing about Alek.

Oz- L. Frank Baum, Button-Bright
Okay, so I had actually completely forgotten Button-Bright existed until I saw he was nominated here, at which point I went OMG BUTTON-BRIGHT WAS GREAT. I have not actually read Sky Island as of now, though I have read The Sea Fairies and all the Baum Oz books, so while you can feel free to draw on some of his characterization from Sky Island, you certainly aren't beholden to it. Does Button-Bright choose to get any older while in Oz, or does he stay as he is? Does he ever miss his parents/find them again? What weird adventures might he go on, and with whom? (Trot, Cap'n Bill, Dorothy, and/or Ozma are welcome, and I guess Betsy Bobbin though I remember very little about her)

Note that if you wish to stalk for further reading about these fandoms I have previously requested (and received lovely fic for) Leviathan over on Livejournal, and the same goes for Chrestomanci, but I don't believe I've done so for Oz or Blossom Culp.

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